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6 Responses to Home

  1. Kelli says:

    Just looking for opinion. I do not wear red during Lent-my mother said that we don’t. Our Parish Priest wants everyone to wear red for Palm Sunday.

    • admin says:

      In my nearly seventy years have I ever heard of a priest asking for the laity to do such a thing. You did not mention if he gave a reason or not. But the laity is not required at any time to wear any specific color of clothing. The priest IS, however, to wear the liturgical colors for the celebration of the Mass. The color red is the color of blood and used on all feasts of the Lord’s Cross and Passion, on the feast of the Apostles and all martyrs. Red is also used on Pentecost and in Masses of the Holy Spirit, in memory of the tongues of fire of the First Pentecost. Your mother is correct that red is not worn as a liturgical color by the laity or any of the other liturgical colors. The laity is only required to dress appropriately for Mass and the color chosen is of no significance. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Kelli says:

    I see many varied opinions on the effects of Vatican II. What good things have come from Vatican II and what harm has it done since you have lived during pre Vatican II and post.

  3. Kelli McCarthy says:

    Almost seventy years. You got to go before Vatican II. Do you think Vatican II was a good think? Has you husband also been going that long? One of the reasons my ex is my ex is he would go, but then get up and go outside and wait in the car until Mass was over. You’re so lucky if he shares Mass with you. Although going by oneself it’s easier to stay focused on what is important. Imo

    • admin says:

      No Vatican II was not good and should never have been called. Why do you think Our Lady of Fatima said the Third Secret had to be read no later than 1960? She warned us and there were Saints that warned us of a bad council, but we are stubborn and just do as we please. Now, Rome is following in the footsteps of Martin Luther, trying to totally destroy the Church. I hope you are not receiving Communion if there has been no legitimate annulment. This is still a sin in the true Roman Catholic Church, not in this new church. This new church is the church of man and not of Jesus Christ. We will not set foot in a new church or attend their “mass”.

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