February 2007 – Letter from Padre Graziotti

The following letter was written by Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti, co-founder with Mother Providence, of the Missionaries of Faith in Bergamo, Italy. Mother left this world on 16 June 2002. Padre and the Sisters are working every day to gather all the documents and teachings of Mother Providence in order to bring her cause for sainthood to light. Padre Graziotti writes simply, but with great love from the heart. Please read on . . .
Dear Friends,

In the month of January I spoke to you of the conditions that are necessary to make a good Confession.

Now, I want to speak to you of its importance and effectiveness. Unfortunately many say: I don’t confess because I don’t know what to say; or, it doesn’t suit me to confess to a man who is just like me, perhaps even more sinful than me. People have not really understood anything of the power and greatness and preciousness of this Sacrament.

Generally, one who approaches this Sacrament, does it because he is humble, and therefore he already possesses the essential virtue to get close to God. The Lord gives the Grace to the humble ones, He embraces them and attracts them to Himself with so much affection.

What are the marvelous fruits of Confession?

The first is PURIFICATION of the soul of those people that had committed some deadly sins. The soul obtains the Divine Life, and returns to shine as the sun. It becomes beautiful and pleasant to God, as when he received Baptism.

The second fruit is JOY. It infuses the soul, so deeply, that the smile immediately returns. In fact, one who confesses well is always happy, and also communicates their joviality to others. God is joy, and those who possess God has His same life, and therefore they cannot be sad, even if they have to suffer. This affirmation could seem absurd for some, but, if we think well, it is true because the Saints, despite all their sufferings, never lost their serenity.

The third fruit is FORTITUDE. The soul becomes stronger in accepting the tests of this life. There is a proverb that says: “Tell me with whom you go, and I will tell you who you are.” Those who confess well, and also often (at least once a month), makes their friendship stronger with God, and therefore he assimilates His virtues. Fortitude indeed is a gift of the Holy Spirit. He who confesses doesn’t become discouraged when he is tested, but he puts all his trust in God, and he surrenders to Him. He also becomes strong against temptations of the flesh and the spirit, and against the attractions of the evil one. He also receives an increase of the other gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. He who never confesses, instead risks desperation, discouragement, and also at times suicide. As he doesn’t have the life of God in him, he doesn’t even have the strength to overcome the difficulties and the disappointments of this life. The devil has easy access to their soul. In fact, they are suitable to become easily angry, to curse, to make revenges, to wish evil and to commit every sort of sin. He who is not in the Grace of God is in deadly sin, is a child of the devil, which dominates him anywhere and always. He who is in the Grace of God is His possession, or, he is in deadly sin and owned by the demon. We can belong to God, or we can belong to the devil.

The fourth fruit is the FIDELITY to his own duty. In fact, after a well done Confession, the soul feels ready to complete with more devotion and love his own duty, both in family and on the job, because he receives a greater Grace and special help from God. But the most important fruit of a well done Confession, however, is the increase of the love to God and accordingly the achievement of holiness. It helps to detach us from the world, from its sinful passions, from its lusts, and to die to our egoism. Then it gives us strength to be better, more patient, more generous, more humble, more benevolent and to practice the whole of Christian virtues.

There is also another particular fruit for the one who confesses: as he possesses the Divine Life, anywhere he walks he spreads it around himself. There is a proverb that says: “Bonum est diffusìvum sui: Good spreads from itself.” In fact, he who possesses the Grace of God, communicates it, somehow, to others without knowing it. When a good person meets him in fact, he feels well and happy.

I compare Confession to an atomic bomb, in a good sense of course, because it totally transforms the person to make them become great saints. That’s why lately we have had great Saints as St. Pio, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Providence and so many others; because they had a great respect for the Sacrament of Penance.
I wish everybody to make a good Confession, above all at the beginning of the Lent. Let’s confess and great will be the heavenly blessings that will rain on us and on all of our loved ones.

I bless you all, I greet you from the heart, and I assure you of my daily prayers.

Your affectionate,

Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti

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