July 2006 Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti


Dear Friends,

We know that the month of July is devoted to the Precious Blood of Jesus. It is therefore a beautiful occasion to meditate, briefly, on the Holy Mass, that is the sacrifice of Jesus, and that it is renewed all over the world every day on thousand of altars.

All of us who truly believe, that when the Priest celebrates the Holy Mass, Jesus is present there, and He is Himself renewing His Passion and Death. We see the Priest as a man that speaks and pronounces the words of Consecration, but in that Minister there is Jesus in person, invisible to our eyes, but really present. In fact, to some saints it was been granted that they see Jesus in place of the Priest. It is surely a great mystery, but also very real. That’s why the Holy Mass is the prayer most important, the greatest, the most powerful, the most precious, the most listened to by the Celestial Father, most effective to receive graces and also miracles.

The Holy Mass has an endless value, because Jesus offers Himself like a victim to His Father. The Saint Curé of Ars said: “All Together the good works and the reunited prayers don’t have the value of a Holy Mass, because they belong to men, while the Holy Mass belongs to God.”

St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote: “Know, O Christian, that the mass is the holiest act of religion. You cannot do anything to glorify God more nor profit your soul more than devoutly assisting at It, and assisting as often as possible.”

However, it takes not only being physically present, but we need to prepare ourselves spiritually, and to be careful of what happens during the Holy Mass. Curé of Ars again to his believers said: “If we knew the value of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, how much greater the zeal we will put into listen to it.” The Holy Mass provides for us many benefits, graces and also miracles in the measure in which we internally and spiritually participate.

The more love, preparation and attention we have toward the sacrifice of Jesus, Who consumes Himself on the altar, the more graces we will receive. The Saints testify that, before celebrating or participating in the Holy Mass, they anticipated times of preparation meditating on the Passion of Jesus. Many believers unfortunately behave distractedly, and so don’t have any consolation, and don’t receive graces and blessings from God. It takes careful participation, and to be in the grace of God. In every Holy Mass, listened with devotion, many benefits could be received.

I want to list here some benefits of the Holy Mass.

1. We receive the Holy Spirit with Its seven gifts.
2. The venial sins are canceled and it increases in us the Grace of God.
3. You obtain great relief to the Souls of the dead who are need of it.
4. Particular celestial blessings come both on us, and on all of our living and deceased relatives.
5. You obtain the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls.
6. We prepare for ourselves a greater degree of glory in Heaven.
7. It helps us to be strong and to withstand temptations.
8. You receive a greater ability to practice the virtues, above all faith, charity, humility, patience, goodness, fidelity to your state in life, and it gives us the strength to bear with love our daily sufferings.
9. The Holy Mass increases in us the love of God and the Saints.

Surely we receive many others. How many people waste time in useless chatters in church, also in the home, on the road, in the cafes, instead of going to Mass and so to accumulate merits for Heaven?

St. Leonard of Port Maurice often repeated to his believers: “Oh people, why don’t you rush to the churches to listen to all the Masses that you are able? Why don’t you imitate the Angels, which, when the Holy Mass is celebrated, do they go down in myriads from Heaven, and they are around our altars in adoration?.”

And St.Augustine said: “All the footsteps that one takes to bring himself to listen to Holy Mass, is numbered by an Angel, and it will be granted from God a top prize in this life and also in eternity.”

His Excellency Kevanu Fernandes, Bishop of Angola told me that many believers of his Diocese cross on foot even 200 Km, even to confess themselves and to listen to the Holy Mass at least once a year.

Friends, let’s then make treasure today of what the Lord has made known to us, and when we have the time, let us take ourselves to Church and listen to the Mass, because one day we will receive and will enjoy all the benefits. Jesus tells in the Gospel: “Accumulate treasures in Heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy, and robbers cannot break in and steal” (Mt 6:20).

I greet you and I bless all from my heart, assuring you of my daily prayer.

Your affectionate,
Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti





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