September 2006 Letter from Padre Graziotti

Dear Friends,

In this month of September, in memory of the fourteenth, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and of fifteenth, commemorating Our Lady of Sorrows, I desire to remember the sufferings that have accompanied the life of Jesus and His Mother.

By the inspiration of the words dictated to me by Mother Providence, when the Passion and Death of Jesus were shown to her, here is what the Madonna said: “My Jesus is dead for you on the cross. Why don’t you remember His death anymore? Why don’t you remember His pains? I am His Mother. The pains that you give me are many. Many times I have come to speak to you, to tell you that the punishment of His Father is near because you don’t remember the pains of my Child Jesus.” Jesus also added: “The pains of my Mother are many. I will be forced to punish men because they don’t answer to the desires of the Heart of my Mother.”

From the recommendation of the Madonna we understand how in her heart is the memory of the pains of the Passion and Death of Her Child Jesus, in order to avoid the punishment that is suspended in the Heavens and looming over men because of the numerous sins committed. As the Blessed Virgin complains, saying that we have forgotten the pains of Jesus, let’s make a serious decision to meditate, once a week, at least on Friday, what Jesus has suffered for us.

In the garden of the Olives, foreseeing how much He would have to suffer, He began to fear, and feel such sadness and anguish. He felt so much pain that His Body bled. The pain, however, reached its peak when He met the apostle Judas, who betrayed Him with a kiss and the Apostles who abandoned Him, leaving Him in the hands of the soldiers that conducted to the Sanhedrim

There came the first death sentence, behind perjury. Then brought before Pilate, Jesus received the definitive sentence, also being found innocent. Pilate said in fact to Jesus: “I know that you are innocent. I tell you this while nobody hears me. But I have to give you to death because otherwise people will give me to death.” When Jesus heard such words, he felt so much fear, because he knew what atrocious pains he would have to suffer. Let’s listen to these words that Jesus told Mother Providence: “I really felt the pain of fear when I heard My death sentence. But I thought at that time all had abandoned Me. Only when they needed miracles and My company were they near Me.”

Therefore, Pilate delivered Jesus into the hands of the jailers, that put a crown of thorns on His head, and they submitted Him to the scourging. Here is what Jesus says: “Every scourge on My back, on My breast, on My arms, on My legs, on all of My body, remembered the sins, ransomed the sinner. I received one hundred and thirty-eight hits.” During all those torments Jesus didn’t say a word, He didn’t complain. Then, after all the tortures, they put the cross on his shoulders, and so, slowly, step by step, He started to climb the way to Calvary.

Even though during that painful walk He was helped to carry the cross, and consoled by the pious women, nevertheless, the soreness of His body and the frequent falls under the cross, gave Him atrocious pangs. However, what made Him suffer most was the indifference of the people that had been benefited and His Disciples’ abandonment. We now listen to what he tells us: “I am Jesus that has suffered for you, and I suffer in the bodies that suffer, in the hearts that suffer, in the souls that suffer, because My Consecrated don’t understand them, they don’t look for them, they don’t love them, they stamp on under their feet. Oh brothers, oh children, don’t leave me alone in the souls that suffer, in the souls that cry, in the bodies that die, in the hearts that beat: I am there.”

Friends, the Saints often meditated the Passion and Death of Jesus. Rather, many suffered in their own body the wounds, the scourging, the coronation of thorns, the tortures, the hits and the humiliations that He had to bear. If it costs us so much to accept our daily sufferings, let’s sometimes meditate those of Jesus and of the Blessed Mother, and then we will receive the strength to carry our cross, that, surely won’t be as heavy and painful like that of our Savior or the Most Holy Virgin.

Jesus from the cross has made us the gift of His Mother, but so many times we don’t listen to Him, we don’t put His admonishments into practice, and so God will be forced to send on earth the promised punishment to let us return to Him. Let’s not close our mind to the grieved appeal of our Celestial Mother, and let’s return to the frequency of the Holy Sacraments, and it will be easier to live the Commandments of God then and to achieve eternal salvation.

I greet you and I bless you all in my heart, assuring you my daily prayer.

Your affectionate,
Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti



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