November 2006 – Letter from Padre Graziotti

Dear Friends,

Remembering our dear Dead is necessary, considering that this is the month devoted to them. They have preceded us in eternity, and their memory has to spur us to live well our life on this earth, because one day it will also be our turn to stand before God, to be judged according to our works.

Let’s remember them often, not only with our thoughts, affection and flowers, but especially in our prayers, so that they can receive the grace to achieve the eternal beatitude.

The family ties with our deceased, must be for them a spiritual utility, nevertheless there is another reality that we must not forget, and to which we belong: it is our holy Mother Church.

Through Baptism we have been inserted in it, and for many years we have received so many spiritual benefits: the Holy Mass, Holy Communion, Confession, Confirmation and other benefits that allow us to live in the Grace of God and to reach holiness. For such a motive, now, more than in the past, we have to be helpful and supportive of this good Mother of ours.

Unfortunately we are going toward dark and painful times, toward a sure persecution against the Church. They don’t frighten us these words, but they help us to realize that this time, defined by Jesus to Mother Providence “Time of the times”, demands from us a deep Christian life, a total fidelity to the Laws of God and the Church. We need to frequent the Holy Sacraments more and increase our efforts in the way of living the virtues. We must above all be strongly deep-rooted in the attachment to God and the Church. In fact, the day will come in which we will be asked to testify if we are Christian. Well, if we won’t be strong and definite, we will collapse in the heresy and in the apostasy for fear of being stricken to death.

A lot of prophecies point out that the future times, not very distant, will be characterized by a great persecution against the Catholic Church. In such a situation, those who will have had a deep faith and love in the Lord, will be strong, and won’t surrender in face of the threats and to the wickedness of the enemies; and then those who will have been weak and poor, instead, of love for God, will surrender and will betray his affiliation to Christianity.

One of the prophecies that concerns the persecution against the Church, have been operated after the year 1100 by St. Malachia, Bishop of Ireland. Here are his words that refer to the next Pope: “In persecutione extrema Romanae Ecclesiae, sedebit Petrus Romanus, here pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis, civitas septis collis diruetur, et Judex tremendus iudicabit populum sum.” Which means: “In the last persecution against the Catholic Church, the Eminent Roman Pontiff will sit on the Chair of Peter, and will govern the Christian believers during a lot of tribulations, and after them the City of the seven hills will be destroyed, and God Judge will judge His people.” They will finish when the Pope will be conducted to the martyrdom. Also St. John Bosco, in his prophetic revelations, speaks of a Pope that is brought away by the executioners passing above the dead bodies of his Collaborators. After such tests however, the Church will restored to life through a greater love to the Eucharist and the Madonna. And then it will begin a long period of peace and greater holiness in Christians.

God will allow such persecution because he doesn’t know anymore what to do him with those Christians that is false, that mix together religion and ashamed fashions, of that Christians that don’t pray anymore, that go to Mass only sometimes or perhaps never, that don’t frequent the Holy Sacraments anymore; of those Christians that think only about fun, self-satisfaction, relaxation, money, wealth, and the pleasures of the flesh. Many divorce only because of squabbles, many cohabit, sustain abortion, steal, tangle, they don’t complete well their duty in the office, make revenges, wickedness, curse, betray the marriage with so much facility, they don’t want to know of lie’s sacrifices, they love the comfortable and free life. The Lord wants to sweep away all these false Christians, that don’t know the Commandments of God, or even they don’t even know how much they are. Christian poor men, that will run into a total decay and abandonment of the faith, with the certainty to end in hell!

Dear friends, let’s pray, pray a lot, let’s be near the Lord, let’s frequent more often the Holy Sacraments, and then, when the persecution comes, we will be well prepared to face the martyrdom if God will allow it.

I bless you all, I greet you from the heart, and I assure my prayers.

Your affectionate,

Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti

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