Do They Even Realize What They’ve Done?

Do They Even Realize What They’ve Done?

In the wake of our recent election has it dawned on the Catholics who voted for Barak Obama what they have done, and, what they may have unleashed?

President-elect Obama promised the Planned Parenthood Organization that he would, as president, sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). This was public knowledge and not hidden from any prospective voters. Catholics had to have heard it in the news and online or in emails from those fighting against it.

Catholic voters for Obama seemed to have been voting their pocketbooks and not what was right according to the teachings of the Church. I guess, when it comes to finances, the killing of innocent American citizens doesn’t matter as much as those involved in war or street crime or some other form of violence.

In case there are some who do not know what is going to happen should Obama sign this into law, let me list what it entails.
FOCA will nullify more than 550 federal and state laws such as:

1. The Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003.
2. The Hyde Amendment restricting taxpayer funding for abortions.
3. Restrictions on abortions at military hospitals.
4. Restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions for government emplyees.
5. Informed consent laws.
6. Parental consent laws.
7. Health and safety regulations for abortion clinics.
8. Requirements that only licensed physicians commit abortions.
9. Bans on abortions after viability:

don’t be fooled by the exception first laid down in the companion case to Roe, Doe v Bolton. Doe said that third trimester abortions could not be performed except to protect the “health” of the mother. It then went on to use the World Health Organization’s definition of “health” to include …all factors , including emotional, psychological, economic, and estological circumstances…. This is, and was, abortion on demand up to the day of birth.

10. Limits on public funding for “elective” abortions (as in, “Gosh, I have a vacation planned”, or “Stretch marks will cause me stress”).
11. Legal protection for Catholics and other religiously affiliated hospitals, who while providing health care to millions of the poor and uninsured, refuse to allow abortions within their facilities, nor refer for abortions.

FOCA would also increase abortions as much as 125,000 per year on top of those already committed as a Consequence of Roe v. Wade… “49,551,703” total abortions since 1973 in the United States alone
There’s even more fallout. It will include complete outlawing of anti-abortion protests or the provision of alternatives to abortion. States rights will be a thing of the past. Don’t think your State will be exempt. FOCA will take precedent over all state laws. Other issues such as opposition to homosexuality, will be brought along under the same usurpation of states rights.

Our Christian homeschoolers and churches will also be in the crosshairs because teaching or preaching against abortion will be considered a “HATE CRIME”. Can you believe that? Teaching what is right will become a crime? What could be a greater hate crime than the murder of innocent children? Our rights as Roman Catholics and American citizens are going to flushed down the toilet. It sickens me to the core!

Many Catholics voted for Obama because they wanted our military personnel to come home from Iraq, as we all do. Consider the number of casualties suffered by our armed soldiers to the number of abortions. Our sons and daughters will be home from Iraq when the time is right. Those aborted babies will never come home. Those who join the military are aware of the risks. Unborn children, conceived under any circumstance, are innocent and unaware that they are an inconvenience to anyone. They are God’s children, His creation, and deserve to live as much as you or I.

FOCA is the liberal left’s all out declaration of war against God and His Catholic Church! Get on your knees, Catholics, and pray this heinous Act does not get signed into law. The Church Militant must rise and fight for what is truly right! If you voted for Obama, go to confession and truly repent and then pray like you’ve never prayed before!

And for the love of God, stop trying to come off like you’re so much smarter than Catholics who knew better than to vote for the democrats new messiah!

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  1. Kelli says:

    Only teaching being done in school is propaganda grooming the children. Catholic schools are doing better, but receiving immense pressure from the liberal left. Sad state we’re in especially with the current Pope who appears to think he knows better than Scripture.

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