Padre’s Letter for October 2007

Dear Friends,

The month of October is devoted, as we well know, to the Holy Rosary. In fact, all the Christians that love Our Lady, do not allow one day to pass without reciting at least a crown of the Rosary remembering the mysteries that are proposed for every day of the week. For those who don’t know them, here follows how they have been recently established from the Church.

The Joyful Mysteries are said on Monday and Thursday. The first mystery remembers the apparition of the archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin, when he announced to her that in her Jesus would be embodied, God’s Child, by the work of the Holy Spirit. The second mystery makes us meditate on the visit and the help of Mary to her cousin, Saint Elizabeth, because she carried John the Baptist. The third mystery reminds us of the birth of Jesus in the cold stable in Bethlehem. The fourth mystery makes us think about the presentation of Jesus in the temple and his circumcision to be dedicated to God. The fifth mystery invites us to meditate on the fact that Jesus, at the age of twelve, remained in Jerusalem to talk to the Doctors of the Law causing great pain to his Parents.

The Sorrowful Mysteries are said on Tuesday and Friday. The first mystery reminds us of the sentence of death for Jesus, though innocent, from Pilate. The second mystery makes us reflect on the scourging suffered by Jesus, receiving 138 hits, as he revealed himself to Mother Providence. In the third mystery we see Jesus while the soldiers put a crown of thorns on his head, and then they mock and strike him. The fourth mystery introduces us to Jesus while he is climbing up Calvary, bringing the heavy cross and his numerous falls under it. The fifth mystery invites us to meditate on Jesus who is crucified, and then, after a few hours of atrocious pains, sends cries out in a loud voice and dies.

The Glorious Mysteries are proposed for Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. In them we meditate on the last realities of Jesus and Mary, his Mother. The first mystery brings to our minds the Resurrection of Jesus and his apparitions to a lot of people. The second mystery makes us contemplate Jesus who ascends as real Victor over death and its enemies. The third mystery invites us to think about the Holy Spirit descending upon on the Apostles the day of Pentecost, so giving a start to the Church. The fourth mystery reminds us of Mary most Holy taken up body and soul into the glory of heaven. The fifth mystery we contemplate the unimaginable joy that was celebrated in Heaven, while Our Lady was crowned the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

I have wanted to remember, in this month of October, all the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, because few Christians know them, and for such motive many don’t say it anymore. Fifty years ago, when I was still a child, it was said every day in all the families, and moreover in Latin, and we also knew well the litanies. Today we are instead gladly in front of the television, to see and to listen to a lot of things that make waste time and leave the heart empty. That’s why there is so much sadness and dissatisfaction in the hearts and on the face of many. We avoid saying the Holy Rosary because, we say, it is too much long and costs sacrifice. But don’t we remember that the graces and the benedictions of the Heaven are given by God alone if there is sacrifice? The help cannot be pretended by God without renouncements and sacrifices.

As to feed and to dress our body we need to work, so, to feed and to embellish our soul, we need to pray. Even if the prayer can be made in so many ways, nevertheless we let’s remember and put it well in our head, that, the performance of the Holy Rosary, is one of the most important prayers, more powerful persons and effective, not only for our soul, but also for our body. The Holy Rosary has directly been wanted by Our Lady, and dictated by her to St. Domenic of Guzman. Jesus is moved, and nourishes a particular affection toward those people who pray with heart the Madonna and she assures them the eternal salvation.

The victory gotten on the enemies of the Church October 7th in 1571, was fruit of the saying of the Rosary by all the Christians. Still today, if we will recite it with trust and perseverance, we will get for our beautiful Italy the victory on the enemies of the Catholic Church, for numerous wander in the middle of us, and wait only for the moment to instigate against it a merciless war. To this intention St. John Bosco had truly a vision of such struggle against the Church and against the Pope. Let’s prepare us therefore, with the weapons that we have to our disposition: the Holy Rosary, the frequent Confession and the participation to the Holy Mass at least on Sunday. He who will observe these three religious practices, I am sure that he will be blessed from God, and will be protected and preserved by the persecution.

Let’s pray, pray much above all with the Holy Rosary, and then the Madonna will be near us and will also preserve us from death.

I greet you and I bless all of heart.

Your affectionate,

Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti

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