My Idendtity before God and Man

What identifies us before God and man?

When people see us in the Mall, walking down the street, entering Church on Sunday morning, what do they really see? What kind of impression do we give at first glance? What do we want people to see?

Below is a homily given on the Feast of St. Martin of Tours, it explains very well the reason for being particular about the way we dress for all occasions, be it just out shopping, taking a walk or going to Sunday Mass. Listen carefully and then think about the impression your are making before God and man.

St. Martin of Tours (2011)

Helping Hand

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  1. E James says:


  2. E James says:

    I’ve given thought to this. I’m not in the malls very often and live in the country so rare to encounter people when walking. In Church people will see a calm and quiet person. I try to be warm and friendly to those I speak with which normally is mostly a greeting. What I see of others-well I think they should visit your website. I see people who simply walk in and sit down-difficult to tell their Catholic until it’s time for communion. Also papers were put in all the pews showing some of the changes that were being used early. These were helpful to fully participate in Mass. It took four weeks before pretty much all of them were missing. They were replaced last weekend with laminated ones and all of the changes. This are extremely helpful until I memorize them. As Mass ended I watched people taking them with them. Probably in a couple weeks most of them will be gone. Well at least those people will be able to fully participate in the Mass-I guess they don’t consider others participation to be as important.
    And I visit your website in continuing to work on being peaceful, compassionate and caring. I hope you’re able to continue your website and good work for many many years to come.
    May our Lord always give you peace and comfort.

  3. admin says:

    Not too many people are reading this entry so far. I’m still trying to get across to people how important it is to dress in a manner that is pleasing to God. But as you look around, that just doesn’t seem to be a concern at the top of the list of many. Our Lady at Fatima said there would be fashions that would be very displeasing to God, and it certainly has happened as She said. Thought maybe, if people were to listen to a priest from the pulpit, it might make a difference for some, but they have to hear what he says and that won’t happen unless they visit this site. I’ll keep trying in the hope that eventually it will dawn on people that they way the dress is very important and makes a big statement about them.

  4. E James says:

    May the peace of our Lord be with you on this Christmas Eve. Hoping you have a joyous Christmas and may your needs be taken care of by our Lord.
    Please continue in your quest to get your message out and be heard. You speak and walk in a good way and I’m sure our Lord is pleased. I like to hope that many are listening to the Priest, but I too get discouraged as I watch people texting and laughing during prayers. Generally these are the same ones who do not pay any attention to their dress. I sincerely hope that you do not give up on your site. I very much enjoy your site and do not desire to lose contact with the positive influence you have on my thoughts. And it’s difficult to say how many read your posts, but do not reply.
    I hope it’s okay that while I’m at midnight Mass tonight I include you and your site in my prayers.

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