August 2006 Letter from Padre Graziotti

August 2006 Letter from Padre Graziotti

Dear friends,

The month of August invites us to think about Mary, assumed into Heaven body and soul. What great celebrations will be held in Her honour, in all the Churches of the world devoted to Her, the fifteenth of this month! Many believers will go to Her Sanctuaries, they will confess, they will participate in the Holy Mass, they will receive Holy Communion and will join in the processions singing Marian hymns. It is an exultation of cries to the Mother of God, that surely will reach the Heart of Her Child. It is beautiful and of great comfort to see this love of the Mary, that goes out of sincere hearts of the people who race to the feet of the Mother of Jesus.

It greatly displeasing to know that in certain so-called “Christian” religions, Our Lady is not loved, but forgotten, excluded, or even despised by such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who also regard themselves as followers of Christ and His Gospel.

Instead, we love the Mother of Jesus , and we know that without Her there cannot be true religiousness and real Christianity. Who, by intention or negligence, excludes the devotion to the Blessed Mother from his own life, cannot be called a true Christian. Even if he frequented Mass every day, or even if he celebrated it, he would not be able to say he truly loves Jesus. Unfortunately, there exists so many Christians that believe such, and they never think about the Blessed Virgin. In fact, they don’t beg her, they don’t invoke her, they don’t honour her; they almost don’t even know that she exists. What a shame to see so many Christians go to Church, and don’t even know how to say Hail Mary! O poor Christian men: you are not worthy of Heaven!

How do we show love for the Madonna, to honour her and to be her true devotees? Indeed begging her, invoking her, asking her help, through the recitation of the Holy Rosary, or reciting some Hail Marys during the day, or offering some ejaculatory prayers in her honour.

You that are reading these words, you know that the devotion to the Madonna is essential in our Christian life, and it is a means to secure our eternal salvation. When we appear in front of Jesus, He will look us in the face, and if he will see stamped the name of his Mother, he will make us enter Heaven; but if we don’t have it, it will be very difficult.

One day I met an Evangelist that told me: “You Catholics will go all to hell, because you consider Mary like an idol.” I explained to him that it was not so, but I didn’t succeed in convincing him. Now that evangelist is dead, and he will finally understand who was right: if him or us. We don’t adore the Madonna, as we adore God, but we revere her as the most beautiful creature, the most holy, the most sublime, the most powerful person, and we invoke her because we know that she is the Mediator of all the graces. Dante Alighieri tells in the Divine Comedy: He who wanted to get graces from God and to Her he doesn’t relate, it is as if he wanted to fly without wings.

In this Circular Letter I have thought of something more to speak of Mary to you, remembering a sentence that the Fathers of the Church often repeated: “De Maria numquam satis: about the Mary we never speak enough.”

Well, friends, in this month, since we indeed love the Mary, let’s intensify our prayers, our devotion toward her, also honoring her with some sacrifice, some renouncement, some action of patience, of goodness, of patience, and also making some fast in her honour. She will be ready to recompense us with great generosity, listening to our demands and our supplications. We have always to feel her next to us as a good Mother that worries about her children, above all when we face difficulties, in our sufferings, and in the tests of the life. She knows the pains of every person and every family, and she takes care of the problems that bother us day after day. He who thinks about her and invokes her, he is sure of her presence and of her help. We don’t feel her sensibly, we don’t see her, but her presence in each of us is real as it is that of God.

Therefore, Dear Friends, let’s not lose heart, knowing that we have nearby, in every instant of our life, a so good Mother ready to assist us.

I greet you and I bless you from my heart, assuring you my Daily prayer.
Your affectionate,

Padre Luigi Duilio Graziotti




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