It would indeed be a true blessing if each of us could be afforded a personal spiritual director to whom we could turn to at will for that bit of wisdom to helps us through our daily lives. Unforunately, this is not always possible for the layperson. With our frantic schedules and fewer priests, there just doesn’t seem to be time.

The objective of this web page is to give the reader a chance to have a daily dose of “spiritual direction” with the help of the Saints, Doctors of the Church or just the simple souls chosen by God to help us on our spiritual journey.

Each day there will be a new quote, so come back often. It’s surprising how often “What the Saints Say” is just what you need.



What the Saints Say

"God, who gives His creatures all that is necessary for their perfection, has planted the seed of virtue in the soul of man, and has endowed him with a natural inclination for good and an instinctive hatred for evil. This inclination may be weakened and perverted by a habit of vice, but it can never be totally destroyed."

Ven. Louis of Granada